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Paul Waldron
I am Paul Waldron and for more than 20 years,  I have been helping families protect the things that are most important to them.  Let me help you.  Call or e-mail me and tell me about your case.

In all legal matters, my goal is to help clients understand their options so that clients can make informed decisions in order to protect themselves and to retain or regain balance in their lives. I have sought out broad life experience in order to be the most effective solution-finder for my clients. Therefore, I am pleased to talk to any person about their case and, if I cannot help them, refer that person to an attorney or service that can.

My primary interests and experience in law focus on helping families.  In these areas, I have served as mediator, guardian ad litem, mediation adviser, legal coach, and parent’s counsel.

Let me help you. Talk to me about your case.  If I cannot help you personally, I will refer to you an attorney, legal services or free services that can help you solve your problem.  Call or e-mail me today.

Se habla Español.



SHAUNA ORR – Paralegal

Shauna Orr