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Divorce Humor Posted on March 20, 2009, by

Divorce humor is, almost by necessity, black humor.  In other words, it is funny only because you choose to laugh rather than to cry.  Every individual has their own limit or threshhold of how black they will let their humor go, so I can only represent the limits of my own taste as I share divorce humor that has been shared with me.

Another divorce lawyer, who is himself divorced, shared the following with me.  “The reason divorces are so expensive is that they are worth it.”  This is funny in its way.

At the same time, I must admit that I believe that divorce really is an extreme remedy, though often warranted by the time an individual decides to take that step.

More divorce humor that is funny to me will show up here, but you can find and screen divorce humor by googling “divorce humor.”

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  1. Laura Cabanilla, Attorney says:

    It’s true that most humor about divorce is black humor, and perhaps my personality draws me to this kind of humor most. As a lawyer we seem to find humor in situations others would find perhaps rather bleak. Sometimes I’ve described my cases as similar to a box of chocolates–you never know what you’re gonna get. Every time I take a new case, it’s like getting a new chocolate. I am excited about the the new chocolate. I wonder what I am going to get, what will it taste like? But it’s always bad, all of them are bad, some are much worse than others, but they are all bad, but then again, it’s a different, and a new taste.

  2. Laura Cabanilla, Attorney says:

    I had a divorce case that had not been able to resolve through negotation and mediation. We were preparing for trial, which involved much document preparation, etc., when my client sent me an email, “what is this trial thing? I don’t think this is going to save our marriage!” Well no, divorce trial is not going to save your marriage, it’s going to end it. If you want to save your marriage, attorneys cannot help you do that; while a lot of us can offer good advice, our advice will center more on dividing and preserving your assets and preparing you for life after divorce.

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