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Divorce is never pleasant; avoid it, if possible. Posted on April 29, 2009, by

Divorce is never pleasant; avoid it, if possible.

Some divorces are more unpleasant than others, some are incredibly rancorous and bitter. Some people with many, many obvious reasons and justifications for divorce seem to continue to suffer and question their decision to divorce, while other persons with little apparent reasons for divorce seem to easily come to the decision to divorce and with even more ease, go on with their lives. Some divorces are necessary to clear away a mistake that blocks you from leading a better life. Most people find themselves somewhere in-between: after years of reconciliations, misunderstandings and bumps in a marriage that had good times and bad, ultimately decide to divorce; usually one person is more ready for divorce, and the other one unwillingly must go along; after an initial period of increased difficulties, eventually the majority of the issues of the divorce are worked out and the parties reach a sort of separate peace.

The decision to divorce is one that should be given a great deal of thought. It should not be entered into lightly or uninformed.

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  1. Paul Waldron, Attorney says:

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