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How to pay child support Posted on February 14, 2012, by

Here is a problem we run into all the time: a parent pays the other parent child support with cash, in kind (with stuff like groceries, diapers, etc.) or a check without noting it is “child support.”  Why is this a problem?  Because if the receiving spouse then goes to the court or the Office of Recovery Services to get formal orders or enforcement of child support, the paying parent won’t get credit, they will count it as a “gift” from the paying parent to the receiving parent.

If you must pay with cash (not advisable), get a receipt signed by the receiving parent stating how much they are paid and that it is for child support.

If you provide payment in kind (groceries, gas, utilities, diapers, etc.) [not advised], get a receipt from the receiving parent stating the value and that the “payment in kind” is in lieu of payment in cash of a certain amount of money – the amount spent on the “stuff.”

If you pay with a check (recommended), make sure and put on the memo line that it is for child support, and, even better, for what time period (e.g. May 2012).

If you have questions about child support, reply to this post.

Please comment, add, refute, clarify or inquire regarding this posting if you are so inclined.  I would love for this to convert to a helpful dialogue and resource.

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  1. Darren says:

    Putting what the check is for, and which time period, is a good idea. You could easily find that any money you have paid for child support isn’t being treated as such and that you’ll have to pay again. That is very common.

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