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Paul Waldron starts the Esplin | Weight Family Law Blog Posted on February 10, 2009, by

Family Law is an emotionally complex and legally specialized area of law. A good legal counselor in this area can assist an individual in navigating the potentially devastating effects of divorce, post divorce or adoption proceedings. 

A seasoned local attorney once proclaimed “the 4 rules of divorce” as:

  1. It hurts like hell;
  2. No matter how much money you make, it makes you feel poor as though you are flippin’ burgers at Burger King;
  3. It makes you consider doing crazy things you would normally never think of;
  4. It hurts like hell.

I customize my help to a client’s situation, recommending what is best for them to save them money, time and emotional energy as opposed to the “old-fashioned way” of lawyer divorce “help.”  Always remember the maxim, ” It is easy to find a lawyer, but it is difficult to find the right lawyer.”  Make sure that, whomever you choose to be your legal counsel, you are comfortable working with them in and in their technical competency.

One method of reducing costs is by offering “unbundled services.”  To see if unbundled services are for you, go to this checklist and review it to see how you would like to have your legal services needs met.

Since mediation often brings the most satisfactory and cost-effective results to my clients, I have focused on this method of problem-solving in my training and my practice of family law by being trained as a mediator myself and participating in numerous, numberous mediations.  This does not preclude mediation, but ofttimes achieves the best results for clients.

I look forward to reading the contributions of my colleagues and receiving the comments from the public.

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4 Responses to "Paul Waldron starts the Esplin | Weight Family Law Blog"

  1. This is a really smart and well thought out blog.I wish more people understood that family law is about more than divorce.

    I am looking to build a blog and have been researching family law blogs and I think yours is great and has given me lots to think about.

  2. Joy says:

    families issues nowadays are getting worse because of many factors and also the big involvement of TEMPTATION and trust…I would have discussed about it further but I’m afraid it would make my comment longer … as for now I guess I’m just end it here..

  3. Paul Waldron, Attorney says:

    In any given circumstance of life [especially in divorce and family law matters]we have the alternative stopping and thinking before acting – the alternative of restraint. Restraint is our inner designated driver. We all have it, and we all can learn to summon it whenever we need it. Instead of unthinkingly rushing into action, we can ask ourselves:
    -Do I really want to do this?
    -Is anybody going to be hurt by this?
    -Will I like having done this?

    P.M. Forni, Choosing Civility: The Twendy-five Rules of Considerate Conduct, St. Martin’s Press (2002), p. 22.

  4. Paul Waldron Paul Waldron says:

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